Recoiler mandrel and Uncoiler mandrels exported to India,for steel slitting line

Author: yisainuo      Time: 2017-11-22 10:43:43

One recoiler mandrel and one uncoiler mandrel, finished production, will exported to India, these two mandrels are designed and manufactured by our factory;

They all include steel filler plates to suit Ø760 coil; The mandrel will be used for hot rolled coil slitting line;


Recoiler Mandrel:

            expand collapse dia(without filler plates)----Ø585~Ø610mm

            expand collapse dia (with filler plates)---Ø735~Ø760mm

Recoiler Mandrel

uncoiler Mandrel :

            expand collapse dia(without filler plates)----Ø570~Ø625mm

            expand collapse dia (with filler plates)----Ø720~Ø775mm

uncoiler Mandrel


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